Here are sixteen things about me:

1. I loathe the sun with a passion.
2. Aging doesn't bother me a bit.
3. I'm a bad liar so I don't lie.
4. LOVE music.
5. My creative partner is the brilliant, L.M. Silva.
6. My father taught me how to paint and draw.
7. I have incredible luck.
8. I have the weirdest, colourful dreams which I use to write stories.
9. I don't mind being a cat in my next life.
10. I can still do the split.
11. Gamer
12. I trip and drop things alot.
13. I LOVE photography. It keeps things in perspective for me.
14. I like books. A lot.
15. I can be bossy sometimes. 
16. My ancestor is a fugitive. Seriously.