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The Family Stone (Chapter 21)

Chapter 21

‘How is this possible?’ she asks them as she washes her arm underneath the tap at the sink in the bathroom. She was grinding her teeth because it stings. ‘I was dreaming about…,’ she stops, looking back at Boon, ‘...sorry Boon but I was dreaming about your past.’ Boon nods but doesn’t look at her.
‘Perhaps it’s the manor? Maybe it is magia?’ Teg says, his hand on his chin, thinking.
‘I don’t feel anything sinister in the house, do you Boon?’ Alex asks as she looks at the fresh tattoo.’
‘No, I do not, Domina. But maybe it’s safer to ask Fortesque in the morning?’ Boon suggests. ‘Do you need me to heal it up a bit, Domina?’ Boon asks Alex as he watches her study the detail of the tattoo.
‘It should be fine. It doesn’t really hurt as much as my back! Now that really frickin’ hurts. I felt like my skin was being scrapped off!’ she tells them, shaking her head at the memory.  ‘And then just like that, it’s healed. It’s so odd. But really, I’ll be fine,’ she assures Boon, tapping him on the shoulder for a good measure. ‘It’s okay Boon. You know it is.’ She gives them a big smile. ‘I didn’t think I’d get a nice free tattoo out of this! Hahaha, I guess just as long as it’s not on my effin’ face,’ she stops laughing, realizing what she said may happen. ‘You know what was freaky? She swallowed the stone. This stone,’ she points at the stone on her wrist.
‘Maybe its how she spell locked everything, including the stone?’ Teg suggests.
‘Perhaps. All I’m saying is….how did she get it out again and how long was this in her stomach?’ Alex was wincing at the stone, looking disgusted at it, ‘You think she barfed it out, I’m just curious! There is nothing wrong with curiosity but still – very icky.’
Alex goes back to bed, Teg goes back to the day bed and Boon goes back to the armchair. They are pretty restless now and can barely close their eyes. Alex gets up. ‘Guys, are you awake?’
‘I can’t sleep.’
‘I am awake, Domina. I don’t sleep,’ Boon says as he stands up from the armchair. ‘What would you like to do?’
‘I can barely get a wink,’ Teg says, as he gets off the day bed, ‘Too much excitement just now.’
‘You guys, it’s not the first time I dreamt of Stēlla,’ she confides. ‘Come over here, sit here!’ she tells them, patting the mattress in front of her.
Boon and Teg sits at the end of the bed. Alex watches them, smiling. ‘Let me just tell you guys that this,’ she says pointing to Boon, Teg and herself, ‘feels like a sleepover! How long has it been since I had a genuine sleepover?’ Boon and Teg nods and smiles at her. She sighs, ‘Well, if you guys don’t know anything about that, this is it! Anyway, like I said, I dreamt about Stēlla before. This was after we got bonded, Teg went to get my cats and you were unconscious. I dreamt I was on a hunt, I think. I was on top of the trees, which I couldn’t believe because I’m afraid of effin’ heights! So, I remember hearing Boon speak and I told you to scout somewhere. Then, I see Teg and you looked so serious. You told me that the fields somewhere was clear and I told you to keep a look out behind me or something. That was also the first time I felt the waves. She closed her eyes and I got a peek of what she can feel and hear…I did wonder if it was too much for one person to bear. But I can’t forget the music, or if you can call it music. It was beautiful. And I saw you! I saw you as a chubby snow owl! So cute! Like a fat white cat!’ she giggles as Boon blushes. ‘But then,’ Alex says turning serious, ‘she said something about rescuing her brothers and sisters. What does that mean?’ she asks them, her face full of questions.

‘I believe we’ll find out later. Let’s hope it’s on the archives.’ Teg tells them. Alex and Boon nods in agreement.

(Written for 2012 NaNoWriMo.)  

The Family Stone (Chapter 20)

Chapter 20

After an hour or two, the room is quieter. The room is filled with the light of the new moon and snoring from Alex and Teg, Boon’s eyes are closed but he’s awake, watching Alex’s colourful dreams of beautiful sunsets and the sea.
All of a sudden, the waves become harsh. Boon looks around him in the dream, wondering what’s going on. He sees an island and the next thing he knows, he’s in a cave. He’s watching himself suspended from the floor and then he gets bound to the ground. He’s watching his old life play out again. He knows Alex is dreaming about this, not him.
He cannot hear the words being exchanged but he knows the conversation well. He can see himself, begging and then he’s gone. He watches Stēlla standing in front of the empty symbol. In what seemed like forever, she collapses to the ground and he can tell she’s sobbing. She takes the black stone on the symbol, kisses it and then swallows it. This surprises and embarrasses him.  Why did she swallow the stone, he wonders. He tries to get closer but he couldn’t move from where he’s standing. Does she know I am here? Can she feel me, he thought. She stands up from where she is and takes off her top. Boon looks away but he must know what she did. She picks up a small knife from the fire and produces a bowl. She dips the knife to a black substance and proceeds to carve something to her left arm. She winces in pain but she continues carving her skin. Boon doesn’t know how long it took but he stood there, waiting for her to finish. Finally she lets go of the knife, placing it back next to the fire and stands up.
As she turns around, Boon realizes that she tattooed herself on her arm with the flower of life symbol. Her outline starts to glow, then her eyes and then her mouth, chanting something under her breath. Then everything goes white around her.
Boon opens his eyes wide. He can feel that Alex is in pain.
‘Domina?’ he calls out. This wakes up Teg as well.
‘What’s happened?’ he groggily asks as he turns and falls off the day bed. He sees Boon half runs towards the bed. He quickly flies towards the bed, not asking another question.
‘Domina? Are you alright?’ Boon asks. Teg is right beside him.
Alex is underneath the blankets. They can only see the top of her head; it looks like the blanket has a set of rainbow hair.

Alex slowly comes out of the blanket, groggily. ‘Ah man, this is painful. How the hell did this happen? I was dreaming and the next thing I know, shit man, that was effin’ trippy,’ she says as she sits up on the bed. ‘Does this mean I’m protected now too?’ She shows her left arm to Boon and Teg and they see that she’s got a fresh tattoo of the flower of life symbol. 

(Written for 2012 NaNoWriMo.)  

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The Mail Order Husband

I was hanging out with my friends when they revealed to me that they got me something.
‘A pressie?! I love pressies! What is it?’
‘You’ll see,’ Elle says, smiling and obviously excited over the ‘present’.
I was told that my good friends pooled money together to get this extravagant gift for me. How extravagant, I wonder but I did not question further. I did make a note in my mind how lucky I am to have friends like them – it wasn’t even my birthday!
In the course of a few days, I have forgotten about it. And then, my doorbell rang one evening. I got home from work and was playing a co-op game with the bros, most probably Borderlands 2 because I was screaming at the morons that I have to kill in order to get to another stage. When I heard the doorbell, I wondered who it could be and shouted that I am on my way to open the door. When I finally managed to pull myself off my gaming, I opened the wooden door to check who my visitor was.
It was a tall, handsome man.
He was standing outside the metal gate and waving at me shyly. My eyes squinting and trying to process what was going on – we stared at each other for a few more moments. He was smiling at me and I had a rather confused look.
‘Can I help – you?’ I finally managed to ask.
‘Yes. Elaine, I am your husband and I am finally home.’
I stared at him, blankly.
Did he just call himself my husband?
‘I’m sorry. I don’t follow. Did you just say you are my husband coz I don’t remember getting married to you – AT ALL.’
‘Well, I thought you knew.’
‘Knew what?’
‘About me…’
I was beginning to feel flustered. ‘I do not know about you, believe me, good sir.’
‘I am your mail order husband. You ordered me online…’
‘…I did…what. Oh my god. Sir, you wait right there.’
‘I’m not going…’
I didn’t hear the rest of what he had to say because I slammed the door behind me. I unmuted the headphones I was wearing and with a rather agitated squeaking voice, I managed to ask my friends if the pressie they were referring to the other night was a man.
My bros laughed out loud with…happiness? They were screams of whooping and delight at the other end of the headphones.
‘Is this a joke?’ I ask them seriously and I unconsciously pawed the coffee table for my phone. I dialled Elle’s number and she answered after just one ring.
‘Did you guys order me a mail order husband?’
‘Yes, we did! It was the best decision we ever made! It’s for you! He’s perfect!’ Elle sounded so proud and so happy for me as if I did have a wedding.
‘What in the world made you guys think that this was a good idea?’
‘Well, we thought it would make you happy….is he good looking?’
‘That’s…I guess he’s good looking but that’s not the point!’
‘Whew! We didn’t see any pictures, we just ticked a couple of boxes and sent everything over,’ Elle recalls.
‘Wow. This is so weird. I have no idea what to do with him.’
‘Where is he?’
‘He’s outside my door.’
‘Why would you leave your husband outside? It’s one of the coldest month and you’re leaving him outside?!’
‘Woman! He is not my husband!’
‘He is. There’s a contract.’
‘Look, you have to speak to him. You are both legally married now. Be happy. I am hanging up.’
Elle hangs up the phone and strangely enough, my bros disconnected me from the game. I am left with no choice but to confront my so-called husband. I open the wooden door and I find him sitting in front of the metal gate, whistling. As soon as he heard the door open, he got up and waved at me. He’s not bad to look at but I was not desperate. There has got to be a way out of this.
‘Look, I don’t know you…’
‘My name is whatever you want to give me.’
‘I’m sorry…’ This is getting more bizarre by the minute.
‘You can name me. ‘
‘Why would I do that?’
‘Because you can.’
‘You are not my pet.’
‘But I can be, if you let me.’ He says this with such seriousness that I instinctively laughed. He didn’t and I felt rather embarrassed for some reason.
‘I don’t let random strangers in my flat,’ I tell him, it felt so ridiculous.
‘Then, I shall stay here if you wish.’
‘But it’s cold. You should go somewhere else, stay in a hotel or something. I can give you money.’
‘I would rather stay home.’
‘Then, it’s settled. Go home.’
‘But I am home…’
A bunch of my neighbours who are uni students pass by and they obviously saw what they like. They can’t help but greet him. He nods to them but doesn’t say anything.
‘How old are you?’ I ask, curious.
’Twenty three.’
Oh my god.
‘One second...’ I dial Elle’s number but she doesn’t pick up so I text her instead.
’23? Why 23?! He’s so young!’
‘Hohoho. It’s a ripe age. *wink*’ she replies, ‘Besides, his profile says he’s independent. *wink*’
‘Why would he sell himself as a mail order husband if he’s not broke?!’
I sigh, loudly. I look for my keys in my bag and I open the gate.
He gives me the biggest smile and he looks so relieved.
‘May I?’
‘What?’ The next thing I know, he swoops me into his arms. I have to admit that it felt nice, which is weird because I do not know him. He was warm and he smells nice. He lets go and takes my hand to kiss it. I felt myself blush and I shake his hand away. ‘Stop that.’
Once we were inside my flat, I felt inclined to have a knife next to me. I didn’t know what to do. He sits across from me, smiling.
‘What would you like to do?’ he asks.
‘Well, first, I would like a name.’
‘Pick any name.’
‘No, you give me your name…before all this.’
‘Wow and I could have named you Donny or some normal name like that. Please keep your name. It’s your name.’
‘If you insist, my heart.’
‘Man, this is so strange. I barely know you and you say all these things. It would have been nice but you know, since you are mail ordered, you know, paid and all…’
‘The company does not pay us. We pay them.’
‘I’m not really sure I follow. I thought my friends paid you to come here, and be married?’
‘You are my soul mate now.’
‘Because you are mail ordered?’
‘No, because we are bonded,’ he tells me.
‘Look man, that’s funny shit but I don’t really buy into that.’
‘I can explain. Basically, your DNA is infused with mine so now, we are soul mates.’
‘Are you taking me for a fool, Corvus?’ I feel for the knife next to me. It’s getting even more ridiculous by the minute.
‘Calm down. Your brother was the one who sent me the hair. I paid the scientists and they infused a very tiny part of you to me. I have the papers. You can ask him.’
‘And if you get sick with all that infusing?’
‘It won’t because we are compatible. I am okay.’
‘Doesn’t that make us related?’
‘No, it doesn’t. Now that won’t make sense.’
‘You tell me,’ I can’t take all this in all at the same time.
‘Would you like to rest?’
‘Yes, I do but I can’t do that with you here.’ I say this but I am drifting off, everything goes hazy and I am falling asleep. He catches me as I fall to my side. I hear him fix the pillows and I feel the comfortable softness.
I don’t think I dreamt. But I felt like I slept a long time.
When I wake up, I find Corvus sitting by my feet, still watching me, dare I say it, lovingly. I was still groggy from the long nap and I try to sit up. My mouth felt dry.
My shirt felt wet. What the hell?
I pull down the cover and I saw my shirt covered in blood. I wanted to scream but nothing came. I look up to Corvus and he was still smiling at me.

‘Don’t worry. I will keep your heart safe.’

THAT did not end was a dream I had recently and I thought I'd share it here since it's been a while since you heard what I've been dreaming about. My romantic dreams always end up rather bloody. 

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The Family Stone (Chapter 19)

Chapter 19

‘Pardon me,’ a voice from behind them says. This startles them, the second time in less than half an hour, feeling somewhat defenseless. They turn around to see an older woman, probably in her 50s, also tall and lean, wearing a simple plain collared black dress. ‘Apologies for the interruption but I can tell you who is in the painting. That’s Mistress Georgina. She was quite the wild child of her day but she is quite responsible when it comes to her duties. Visitors often comment on this painting. It’s like she smiles differently every time you look at her.’
‘I remember you…I think.’ Alex say, trying to put a name on the lady, somehow not really paying attention to the history of the painting.
‘Yes, Miss Alex. It’s me, Martha. The one who was quite chubby and gave you sweets when you cried? My word, how you’ve grown into a beautiful young woman! Mistress Hera would have been so happy to see you.’
‘My goodness, Martha! You still remember me!’ Alex gasps. ‘Oh pardon me; these are my friends Boon and Teg. Guys, this is Martha.’
‘I’m glad to finally meet the fairy warrior, Teg and Boon, the Libra,’ she bows to them. ‘I didn’t think I would see them in my lifetime. I am indeed lucky,’ she smiles. ‘Please, this way to the dining hall. Perhaps we can make something hot to make you comfortable.’
‘Fairy warrior?’ Alex whispers to Teg as they follow Martha.
‘It’s a long story, Domina. Warden, remember? Perhaps I will tell you after this little adventure of ours,’ he winks at her.
‘Martha, how many of you are in this house?’ Alex asks.
‘There are plenty of us, Miss Alex. Fortesque and I are basically running the house together but we have other servants to tend to other needs.’
‘Do they know anything about…our history?’ Alex wonders.
Martha smiles at this question. ‘We all served Domina Stēlla’s family from generation to generation. We are told to expect different things if you know what I mean. We have been exposed to creatures and beings of the magical sort. Alas, none of us are any magical, except organizing and cleaning things spotless!’ she muses. ‘We have kept everything in order as instructed by Mistress Hera. Fortesque is Mistress Hera’s most trusted ally and he works along with us, by choice.’
‘I must thank you for taking care and putting up with my family, especially Aunt Hera.’
‘It is our honour and duty, Miss Alex,’ Martha assures her. ‘Now come. Fortesque might be cross with me if I don’t serve you well,’ she teases. She leads them towards large double doors to their left. She pulls the doors open to reveal a large wooden table lit by numerous candles. Alex couldn’t stop admiring everything that she sees in the manor. It was like a castle that she used to read about in fairytales.
A few of the servants were waiting for them and stood at the corner of the large room.
‘Please,’ she says as she gestures to the nearest chairs. Two young men helps Alex & Boon move her chair closer to the table.
Soon after, the maids were carrying trays of hot drinks.
Alex eyes the drink and look at Boon.
‘Oh my god, I hope this doesn’t turn out like Tylwyth Teg,’ giving Boon a sarcastic look.
 Boon replies by chuckling quietly.
Alex goes wide-eyed, staring at Boon. ‘Are we really speaking? Hey! I can talk to you like this!’ her facial expression change to excitement.
‘Yes, Domina. Sometimes, it’s useful to talk like this,’ Boon tells her, nodding his head, smiling.
Teg looks at both of them suspiciously, and then proceeds to give them weird facial expressions. Both Alex and Boon are wondering if he’s having some sort of seizure. Teg stops making faces and shakes his head. They didn’t notice Fortesque is standing in front of them.
‘Miss Alexandria, Sir Boon and Sir Teg, your rooms are ready. I hope you enjoy your hot drinks. It gets quite cold in these parts but the manor stays warm. Please get some rest and we’ll continue on in the morning. You will need all your strength.’
‘I won’t argue with that,’ Alex agrees. ‘I was falling asleep earlier while waiting for my parents to fall asleep!’
Fortesque excuses himself. He and Martha went out of the rooms, probably speaking about some other arrangements, Alex thought. As soon as she and Teg finish their drinks, Fortesque returns to the dining hall and waits for them.
‘Please lead the way, Fortesque.’ Alex thanks everyone in the dining hall for the hot drinks and gives a nod to Martha who smiles at her. They exit the dining room and proceed towards the grand staircase. Fortesque leads them to the first floor and opens the door of the first room. ‘I hope the room is to your liking, Miss Alexandria. Sir Boon, I know you cannot go too far from the Miss so you will have to share the room. Sir Teg, I have a room ready for you but will you be more comfortable being in the same room as the Miss?
‘I’d like to stay with my friends,’ Teg tells him honestly.
‘Very well sir, the room is large enough to accommodate at least five people and it’s very comfortable. There’s an adjacent bathroom.’ Fortesque enters the room with Alex, Boon and Teg. Alex could not believe her eyes and she feels like she’s been transported back in time. The bed is a king size four poster bed, complete with a seating area and a fireplace. There’s a day bed by the large windows to the right. ‘I shall leave you for tonight. Please ring me when you are ready.’ Fortesque tells them. He bids them a good night and he closes the door behind him.
‘I still don’t know why they need that many rooms.’ Alex says as she runs towards the bed like a child.
‘I guess we’ll find out later.’ Teg says as he flies towards the sun bed.
‘I shall stay here,’ Boon says, sitting down at one of the armchairs.
‘Don’t you sleep, Boon?’ Alex asks, curious. She gets off the bed and starts fishing into her bag.
‘No, my kind doesn’t really need sleep, Domina. Please do get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us.’
Alex pulls out the cabinet box and places it in front of her. ‘SCRINIUM!’* she whispers. The cabinet box is back to its original shape. She opens it and starts searching for clothes. ‘I am SO happy that I can change to sleeping clothes. And you! I’m going to the bathroom, okay! Don’t get too near!’ pointing at a terrified and embarrassed Boon. Alex walks into the bathroom and closes the door. Boon automatically moves in front of the door, pressed onto the door.
‘Dommmiinnnaaa, not too far…please.’ Boon begs Alex. Alex opens the door with a confused look on her face.
‘How the heck did you get in the bathroom the last time then?’
‘I just…how to do say the word… ported in, Domina. I don’t really know what I can do or can’t do yet. I am remembering many things though.’
Alex gave scowls at him and closes the door again. ‘Well, just wait there, I’ll be quick.’

*scrinium – cabinet

(Written for 2012 NaNoWriMo.) 

The Family Stone (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18

‘This is quite impressive, Domina,’ Teg says as he looks around the enormous reading room. ‘There’s an ancient feeling to this house, like it’s been here for as long as Boon & I, have.’
‘To be honest with you both, I actually felt it before. It’s something you don’t miss, you know what I mean? I remember the feeling even if I haven’t been in this house since I was a kid… I might not be explaining myself very clearly! How do I say this? Well, I remember the house was gigantic to me. I ran around the house, the staircase, the kitchens, the large open gardens and farms but I didn’t expect it’s going to look even bigger now that I’m an adult!’ Alex looks around the reading room, admiring the interiors and its intricate designs. As they are admiring the room, mesmerized by it, they did not notice someone was standing right in front of them. He is tall with a lean swimmer’s built; wearing a butler’s uniform with tidy blond, almost white hair swept to one side.
‘Good evening and good morning.’ A voice greets them suddenly which startled them. It startled Alex so much that she actually fell back but Boon managed to catch her before she fell on the floor. ‘Apologies for appearing out of nowhere, but I heard you all come in just now and would like to welcome Miss Alexandria to her home. Please allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Fortesque and I am the guardian of Maison de la Mer.’ He gives a bow and a polite smile. Alex’s mouth forms a wide smile on her face.
‘You haven’t changed, Fortesque! Except for the hair colour but you still look almost the same! And you still do that awesome ninja thing!’ she half runs up to him and playfully punches him on his arm. He smiles at her. She gives him a hug which is a pleasant surprise to him.
‘It’s lovely to see you again, Miss Alexandria,’ he tells her. ‘I agree that it’s been quite a long time since we last encountered each other. You’re still that little girl who ran around the grounds all day to me but I will say the same thing about your hair – it’s the only thing that’s changed,’ he says, nodding at the direction of her rainbow coloured hair which made Alex feel like a shy little kid.
‘Fortesque, these are my friends, Teg and Boon.’ Teg lands swiftly on the table, took off his hat and bows at Fortesque.
‘Teglyth, Warden of the Fair Folk Forests but for now, just a lowly citizen of Fair Folk Kingdom.
‘Pleasure is all mine.’ Fortesque bows towards him.
‘Boon, Domina Alexandria’s Libra,’ he says as he bows low towards Fortesque.
‘Please, I should be the one bowing lower,’ Fortesque says as he bows towards Boon. ‘You are both legendary in this family. I didn’t think I would have the honour to meet you both in my lifetime. Please allow me to make you all comfortable. Welcome back to Maison de la Mer, Miss Alexandria.’
‘Did you know I was coming back?’ Alex asks Fortesque.
‘Yes, of course, Miss Alexandria. The mistress instructed me to make the necessary arrangements for you before she passed on.’ He makes the sign of the cross, a shadow of sadness passing his collected expression. ‘Pardon me.’
‘Arrangements for what?’
‘She told me to get the library archives ready for you, in case you decide to come here. I have also made the necessary changes to the manor that would suit your needs so you all can settle in quickly to your new home.’
‘You make it sound like I’ve already decided to move here, Fortesque!’ Alex laughs, nervously.
‘I guarantee that this is one of the safest houses you will ever come across, including your parents’ flat. This manor has been spell locked with the flower of life even before it was built. Actually, the land itself is spell locked.’
‘You know about the magia…?’ Alex looks back to Teg who is levitating and Boon standing beside her. Alex sheepishly smiles at Fortesque. She’s forgotten that all this is not the norm.
‘Why yes, Miss Alexandria. These kinds of occurrences and beings are quite normal for me now,’ he assures her, looking calm and collected.
‘You’ve seen them before?’ Alex wide eyed.
‘Oh no, I’ve seen some of his people, the Fair Folk and as for Sir Boon, this will be the first time I’ve encountered a Libra.’
‘You’ve encountered my people?’ Teg asks surprised. He didn’t expect any of them to come out of the kingdom.
‘Your King was infatuated with the mistress. He had been a long time suitor, over 20 years but the mistress would not hear any of it.’ Alex felt a hint of relief but maybe she is just imagining it.
‘Great! I guess I don’t have to explain so many things. I’m glad that this is normal in the family. So, you were speaking of the flower of life and how it’s used to spell lock this house….what’s so special about it?’
‘Miss Alexandria, the flower of life is said to hold the most important and sacred patterns of the universe. It is quite mysterious and I think it’s no coincidence that it is Domina Stēlla’s crest.’
‘That’s interesting…’Alex nods, thinking. ‘Did any of you know of this?’ she asks Boon and Teg who both shook their heads. ‘Well, that’s new. For all of us.’
‘There are still many things you need to know, Miss Alexandria. I shall prepare your rooms. Please feel free to look around the house.’
‘Thank you, Fortesque.’ Alex smiles at him. Fortesque bows and left the room quietly.
‘Heh, I thought we were going to break in! Ha! I guess we didn’t need to…unless it’s a trap! Hahaha, no, it can’t be.’ Alex muses, feeling quite elated at the turn of events.
‘Did you inherit the manor, Domina?’ Boon asked, curious.
‘No, I inherited money…which I still haven’t spent but I will…and that’s about it. No mention of the manor.’
‘Domina, he knew you were coming here.’
Alex nods in agreement. ‘He certainly did. I would become suspicious of him if he wasn’t in my family for years, even before I was born. My Dad told me that Aunt Hera and Fortesque grew up together and he ended up looking after her and this manor. I wanted to ask him how he’s holding up but I didn’t want to bring it up. I just feel that he’s still mourning but is not showing it.’
Teg sighs. ‘You know, Domina, he has an aura about it. He may not be a Libra but he certainly acted the part around your Aunt Hera.’
‘What do you mean?’ Alex asks.
‘He’s dabbled with magia as well, I can feel it but he doesn’t have an inch of anything sinister in his aura. Boon agrees with Teg and nods.
Alex realizes that Teg may be right about his theory. Aunt Hera didn’t marry because she was the one looking after the stone.
‘He’s a good man,’ Boon finally says after a short silence.
‘I believe they call it ‘love’.’ Alex concludes. ‘What else could it be, right? Anyway, let’s look around the manor.’
They exit the room and found themselves in another gigantic room. In the middle is a grand staircase leading up to other floors.
‘I remember this area but I don’t know if this is the receiving room. I think there are still more rooms,’ she says, trying to remember which room is where. ‘This house is too big for one person, to be honest – even if there is Fortesque and the maids.’ Alex says, taking in what sees, impressed by its grandeur.
‘The crest is everywhere, Domina.’ Boon observes. Alex nods in agreement. It must have been a powerful symbol, she thought, to actually safe lock an entire manor. How anyone could hide a manor from magical creatures except someone even more powerful, she thought. Suddenly, she starts to reminisce when her eyes fell upon the grand staircase. Aunt Hera used to follow her around, looking after her when she was still a child. Fortesque will be following them around, looking after them both. She remembers it well. She wonders if Aunt Hera longed for children of her own but is tied to another kind of fate. This thought saddens Alex. No wonder she likes me a lot, she probably thought that I would look like her child, if she ever had one. Alex feels a hand hold hers. She knows it’s Boon and she holds on to it for comfort.
As they got to the base of the grand staircase, a large painting of a woman greets them. It is hanging on the wall leading up to the first floor.
‘Who is….that?’ she turns to Boon.
‘I’m not sure Domina, but the likeliness is uncanny.’

Alex, Boon and Teg stare at the painting of a woman, who looks exactly like Alex. 

(Written for 2012 NaNoWriMo.) 

Summer Updates from the Ringmaster!

Winter is coming!

...and I can't wait!

I hope everyone has been enjoying/reading/shaking their heads at the updates. I have been quite good for the past few months.

Anyway, :EPOCH Files is going through a break and fillers are being done by - yours truly. Yes, I can still hear agonizing screams from beyond the seas and the cosmos. It's the only way I can help out Shen so she can enjoy her break as well - even a little - because she refuses to rest. (The only way to make her rest is perform the Vulcan grip on her. Serious shit.)
I am truly enjoying it and there are some people who find it very very funny. :P
Only a few weeks left until Chapter 2 starts! :)
I would always thank the people who follow our webcomic in Smackjeeves, DA and Tumblr.
A hearty, mighty hug!

While we were on a break from the webcomics, we completed Ink'd Well Comics new charity anthology, Fearsome Fables II & Gurukitty Studios' new sci-fi anthology!
We're very grateful for the people/publishers who believed in our stories and for everyone who enjoyed our work.
Shen & I agreed that we'll be holding off on doing any anthologies for about a few years. We've been planning on working on Howard & Edgar for quite some time and we believe the time is now!
We're very excited about this because we're going back to our macabre/horror genre roots which are our first loves! My father loves sci-fi. Working and writing :EPOCH Files was like a tribute to my Dad in a way. (He's a Trekkie!)

Inking progress is not so bad. I haven't been able to continuously work on it and I know I must, and I shall! If you guys dare me to ink something every day, I might just do it.

Photo blog, MashMeGo is updated so do check it out if you guys have time.

RL duties and distractions (gaming time with the bros and a PS Vita!) have been crippling my art/comic/writing related schedules but then again, sometimes, that happens and we welcome them with open arms. But all is well in my side of life. I can't complain. :)

I am working on a properly drawn filler for :EF so stay tune on that! ;)

Until next time! *tips hat*